This is the story of our engagement, as told from each of our perspectives. Enjoy!

From Sally

I was completely clueless. I didn't have any idea that he was going to propose on Christmas day. I was thinking more on the lines of summer or fall.

My family was able to spend Christmas evening together. We had just finished a wonderful dinner, when Joe asked if I wanted to open the gifts we had purchased for each other. I said yes, so he told me to go first. He had three presents. He put them in the order that he wanted me to open them.

The first was a sweater, the second a skirt, but the third held a little white box.

Even then I didn't think that a ring was inside, maybe a necklace or earings but not a ring. I barely had time to take it out of the box when Joe took it from me opened it up and got down on his knees. At that point, I was in complete shock. He said many things that I can't quite remember, my head was in such a whirl, but one thing I do remember him saying was, "Sally, I love you and will you be my wife?"

All I could say was "Oh", there was no yes, no yelling just, "Oh". After the initial shock of it, I did say yes. Actually he had to ask me if that was a yes. We hugged, then he placed the ring on my finger.

Nobody except my father and mother, Joe's brother and brother-in-law, knew that he was going to propose that night. It was a shock for alot of people. Billy, Joe's borther-in-law, had cunningly filmed the whole thing too. It was wonderful being able to share that moment with both of our families.

From Joe

I asked her if she would marry me. She said, "oh", then later, she said, "yes".